Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk drivers are dangerous to themselves and to everyone else on the road. They can be held liable for endangering, injuring, or even killing innocent victims. If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, you could be eligible for financial compensation. Drunk driving may be a common car accident cause, but that does not mean that you have no recourse for receiving compensation if the driver that hit you was under the influence.

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A consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer may help you get the justice and compensation you deserve for your losses. If you have been involved in a collision caused by a drunk driver, call us. We are experienced in dealing with claims of this type, and we can help you. More on this website

What Happens In Drunk Driving Accidents?
Drunk driving is a serious issue across the United States. Despite roadblocks, DUI checkpoints, and anti-DUI ad campaigns, driving under the influence remains an ongoing concern in Texas and across the country. Driving under the influence can cause drivers to do things they wouldn’t normally do, such as texting and driving‎ or driving recklessly.

Indications of drunk driving that should be immediately reported to law enforcement include:

Erratic driving
Weaving in and out of traffic
Not stopping for red lights or stop signs
Speeding up then slowing down
Difficulty staying in the traffic lanes
Aggressive or reckless behavior on the road

Texas blood alcohol content (BAC) limit is .08 percent. However, even just one or two drinks of alcohol can slow down a person’s reaction time and increase the risk of an accident. If you are under 21, the BAC limit is zero. Drivers under the age of 21 cannot have any alcohol in their system. For commercial drivers, the BAC limit is .04. What’s sad is many drunk drivers are unaware that they are endangering themselves and everyone else around them.

Impaired Drivers Are Drunk Drivers
Alcohol slows the body’s reaction time and, therefore, it becomes difficult to make on-the-spot decisions that are often required while driving. A drunk driver may also experience the following:

Blurred vision
Slow reactions
Difficulty thinking clearly
Inability to focus
Feelings of aggression

These are just some examples of the dangerous effects alcohol has on drivers. The law recognizes these actions as selfish, irresponsible, and illegal. Not only is drunk driving punishable by law, but victims are also often compensated for expenses and damages that were incurred. If you have been the victim of a drunk driver in any way, you might have a claim for compensation, just like victims of other accidents. Get a case evaluation, you have nothing to lose. You may even be surprised at what a car accident attorney can do for you.

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